Major Items

Major items are items with three powers: one passive ability that is always in effect, one activated ability that scales with their bearer’s level, and one ability that uses or enhances a particular class feature or inherent ability. These items can only be created and enhanced with the appropriate use of Wyrd.

Creating Major Items

To create a major item requires materials worth at least 500 sp, paid from Coffers, Coins, or Consumables (or a mix of all three) as appropriate to how they are obtained; additional rare materials worth at least 500 sp, paid from Curiosities (any number of them, unlike moderate items above, but they all must be relevant Curiosities); and one or more weeks of effort. The creator must have at least Expert proficiency in a related crafting proficiency (an appropriate Armor proficiency for a vestment or accessory [Cloth for normal clothing or robes], an appropriate Weapon proficiency for an implement [Mauls for a scepter, rod, staff, or similar], or Priest or Scribe for a trinket or emplacement) and a related knowledge proficiency (History or Sagas, creator’s choice). Other characters can assist the creator while he or she is working as long as they meet the requirements with at least Basic proficiency.

To determine the time required to craft the item, use the crafting progress rules, using a Craft skill of the creator’s choice relevant to the item. Treat the base price as being only 500 sp, not the full 1,000 sp, as some major items derive the majority of their value from their Consumables and the majority of their effort from their Curiosities, some are the reverse, and some are somewhere in between. Regardless of the approach used, the Craft DC is 25, though the character may voluntarily increase the DC to speed crafting progress, as normal.

Upon completing the item, the creator must perform a short ceremony to invest some of his power into it and tie his fate to the item. This requires selecting the creator’s two Wyrd attributes most relevant to the item (a sword might require Honor and Valor, a gauntlet might require Valor and Subtlety, and so forth) and sacrificing 10 Wyrd points in each attribute (which is usually enough to drop the user’s score in that attribute by 1).

Alternately, the creator may sacrifice only one Wyrd attribute, not two, but in that case a character who wishes to attune the item (see below) must sacrifice both associated Wyrd attributes, not one.

Using Major Items

The user of a major item must tie his fate to the item just as its creator did. To attune himself to a major item, a character must spend a week with the item in his possession at all times and then sacrifice 10 points in one of the two attributes tied to the item, just as described above for the creator. Once this is done, he is the owner of the item and learns all of its abilities; no one else can attune to it until he is slain or willingly gives it up. The item can be destroyed, but major items have five times the normal hit points, triple the hardness, and +5 break DC compared to a normal item of their type, so destroying such an item is difficult.

Some major items are associated with certain pantheons or deities. If a character belonging to a different faith wishes to use such an item, they must spend one day of downtime in prayer re-consecrating the item to their own patron before beginning the attunement process. Attempting to attune to or use such an item without doing so will cause the character to lose their divine power (if a godly caster) and be subject to a 3-point curse until he atones for his temerity.

Incomplete Major Items

If the appropriate Wyrd scores cannot be sacrificed upon completion of a major item, the item is incomplete, and the creator must make a choice. Either the item is useless and the creator must start from scratch (though only paying for the 500 sp Curiosities and 250 sp worth of progress), or he may choose to complete the item but have it be flawed or cursed in some way, based on the Wyrd attribute that was not sacrificed. He will not immediately know the nature of the curse or drawback, and will need to discover it by some other means.

More Powerful Major Items

It is possible for major items to exist that grant more powers (or better powers) than the above if they count as multiple major items. For instance, a Hags’ Eye is as powerful as three major items combined because it has the construction and attunement cost of three major items combined (one for each hag in the covey), and a particularly powerful gauntlet might be crafted that takes up both the accessory and implement slots and additional Wyrd tokens. All such more-powerful items can be crafted only at the discretion of the DM, and all have additional prerequisites and restrictions above those of a normal major item.

Major Items

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