Item Slots

Character Item Slots

A character may only possess and use a limited number of moderate and major items at a time. The following item slots are used in this campaign instead of the standard set:

  • One accessory slot (small worn item, such as a belt, glove, shield, or pair of boots)
  • One implement slot (held item such as a weapon, staff, musical instrument, or torch)
  • One trinket slot (jewelry such as a ring, headband, amulet, or bracelet)
  • One vestment slot (large piece of clothing such as a tunic, robe, stole, or suit of armor)

A character of 6th level or higher also gains the following slots:

  • One emplacement slot (stationary item such as a throne, altar, fountain, or rune circle)
  • One ephemeral slot (usable for a single item of any type, allowing a character to “double up” on one type of item)

Item Slots and Chakras

Soulmelds use the standard rules for binding to chakras and which soulmelds can be shaped where, but for the purposes of binding items to chakras, the chakras correspond to item slots as follows:

Arms, Hands, Feet, Waist Accessory or Implement
Brow, Crown, Throat Trinket
Heart, Shoulders Vestment
Soul, Totem Ephemeral

Item Slots

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