Clan Structures

The settlement currently holds the following structures:

Outer Wall


  • The moat around the outer walls is 15 feet wide, 10 feet deep, and is filled with slow-moving river water.

Defensive Walls (x237)

  • The wall covers a three-quarter circle, with the river covering the remainder to the southeast.
  • The internal diameter of the wall is roughly 500 feet.
  • The packed soil used to construct the walls was dug up from the outer base of the wall, so there’s a trench 15 feet across and 10 feet deep right outside of it that extends to a few feet from the river. Given a bit more time to dig to the river and some Mobile Bridge sections at each Gatehouse to serve as drawbridges, this trench could be turned into a moat.

Wardstones (x9)

  • A set of wardstones is embedded in the walls and the ground at the center of the settlement. The wardstones protect against Trolls and have a protection factor of 19 (12 base, +1 perfect circle, +2 500-foot diameter, +2 Kulgan attuned to 2 wardstones, +2 Skogur attuned to 2 wardstones).
  • The ward prevents any troll from entering the settlement (even when polymorphed or coming through a conjunction), attacking into the settlement, or using any sort of direct magic (including the Hag’s Eye) against the settlement, but doesn’t prevent a more subtle attack against it using enchanted creatures, Wyrd magic, or the like.

Dock (x1)

  • A temporary wooden dock has been built out in the river to hold the settlement’s southeast wardstone in line with the walls on land. It is sturdy enough to withstand the current without difficulty, but it is not defensible against enemies wishing to remove the wardstone.

Gatehouse (x4)

  • The four gates face north-northwest, west-northwest, east-northeast, and south-southwest, for roughly even spacing around the perimeter.

Drawbridges (x4)

  • Each gate has a 15-foot-long, 10-foot-wide drawbridge over the moat that can be extended or retracted relatively quickly.
  • The drawbridges are constructed of Mobile Bridge segments, so they are sturdy enough to allow horses or moderately-laden carts to pass over them.

Inside the Walls

Longhouses (Jarl’s x1, Karl’s x16)

  • Can accommodate 220 people for the winter in normal conditions, 315 people at a moderate loss of morale, or 440 people at a severe loss of morale, so the settlement’s 205 people can easily be accommodated.

Stables (x2)

  • Can accommodate 96 goats, 24 horses, or a proportional combination thereof.
  • The clan’s 42 goats and 7 horses (equivalent to 70 goats) are safe for the winter.

Granaries (x2)

  • With 205 people in the settlement and 2 granaries, the clan can store up to 34,100 sp worth of Consumables before suffering increased spoilage.

Storehouse (x1)

  • With 205 people in the settlement and 1 storehouse, the clan can store up to 20,200 sp worth of Coffers before suffering increased spoilage.

Work Buildings (x3)

  • The settlement’s Workshop has been Expanded 4 times; its associated Craft subskills are Armor, Leatherworking, Pottery, Smithing, and Weapons, and up to 6 characters may benefit from the related skill bonus.
  • The settlement’s Healer’s Hall has been Expanded 2 times; its associated skills are Alchemy and Craft (Weaving), and up to 4 characters may benefit from the related skill bonus.
  • The settlement’s Mead Hall has been Expanded 1 times; its associated skill is Craft (Carpentry), and up to 3 characters may benefit from the related skill bonus.

Outside the Walls

Farms (x28)

  • All the farms are inherently consecrated, with no need for shrines.

Northern Mountains

Mine (x12)

  • The settlement has three mines (one for stone, one for iron, and one for silver), each of which is 4 Mines.
  • Up to 8 settlers may work in each mine at once.

Southern Forest

Road (x108)

  • Travel time from the Settlement to the Southern Forest is reduced from 5 days to 3.75 days when using the road, or 2 days for Laborers and Soldiers who can hustle for 8 hours.

Clan Structures

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