The bardagamaður, or “battle-maker,” is an expert warrior with the most specialized training of the various Norse fighting traditions. If you encounter a Norseman who is an absolute master of a certain weapon or is able to pull off a special maneuver that no one else can, chances are he’s a bardagamaður.


Skill Groups: Athletics, Discipline, Perception
Proficiencies: Light Armor, Medium Armor, Round Shields, History, Sagas, Spears, Swords

The fighter gains the following new special features:

Level Special
1st Fighting Style
2nd Bonus Feats
3rd Advanced Training
4th Bonus Feats
5th Weapon Master
6th Bonus Feats
7th Specialist Training
8th Bonus Feats
9th Combat Improvisation
10th Bonus Feats
11th Master of Battle
12th Bonus Feats

Fighting Style: At 1st level, the fighter gains two fighter bonus feats, both of which must have no other feats as prerequisites, that determine his two fighting styles. At each even level, the fighter gains two new bonus feats, one for each style, and feats associated with one style cannot serve as prerequisites for feats associated with the other style. He does not have access to both styles at the same time; rather, as a swift action, he can change the style to which he currently has access. When he switches styles, all feats are exchanged, he may not pick and choose which feats are swapped out.

For example, a 2nd-level fighter might choose Improved Shield Bash at 1st level and Cleave at 2nd level for one fighting style, and Point Blank Shot at 1st level and Precise Shot at 2nd level for the other fighting style. When wielding a sword and shield he uses the first fighting style, and when switching to a bow he uses the second style.

Bonus Feats: The fighter treats [Tactical] or [Weapon Style] feats as fighter bonus feats, even if they are not explicitly denoted as such in their descriptions.

Advanced Training: Starting at 3rd level, when taking a fighter bonus feat the fighter may ignore a single prerequisite of his choice. This can even allow him to take epic fighter feats by ignoring the implicit “character level 21” prerequisite, if he can otherwise meet all of the feat’s other prerequisites.

Additionally, if at least one of the fighter’s Fighting Style bonus feats is Martial Study or Martial Stance, he adds his full fighter level to his initiator level (for all purposes, including Martial Study/Stance feats not taken for his Fighting Style) instead of half his fighter level.

Weapon Master: At 5th level, the fighter increases all Armor and Weapon proficiencies he possesses by one degree: all of his expert proficiencies advance to master, all of his basic proficiencies advance to expert, and he gains basic proficiency with any Armor and Weapon proficiencies with which he was not proficient before.

Specialist Training: At 7th level, the fighter gains a third fighting style, choosing the same number of fighter bonus feats for that style that he has for the other two. He must be able to meet the prerequisites for the chosen feats at the appropriate levels (as if he had chosen one feat at 1st level, one at 2nd, one at 4th, and one at 6th).

Additionally, he may now ignore two feat prerequisites when taking a fighter bonus feat instead of just one.

Combat Improvisation: At 9th level, once per combat the fighter may spend a swift action to gain one of the following benefits for the remainder of the combat:

  • Gain a single fighter bonus feat he does not know. He must still meet the prerequisites of this feat normally; he may use one of his fighting styles to meet the prerequisites, but in that case he only has access to the improvised feat while using that fighting style.
  • Make an extra attack during a full attack, at the same base attack bonus as the other attacks, for the remainder of the combat.
  • Take 10 on one attack roll per round.

Master of Battle: Starting at 11th level, the fighter is never surprised, and he does not provoke attacks of opportunity from creatures whose base attack bonus is lower than his own.

Additionally, he may use Combat Improvisation twice per combat, requiring a separate swift action for each use. He may choose the same option twice if he so desires.


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