True Believer Benefit – Deep Faith: You gain +3 uses of Divine Channeling per day.

Bragi, the Poet
Bragi is the patron of the creative and those who keep traditions alive. He teaches that, just as he relies on words over weapons to fight his battles, one should always attempt to find a peaceful resolution to conflicts.
Spheres: Mesmerizing Performance, Wondrous Aurora
True Believer Benefit – Weaver of Words: You do not take the normal -10 penalty for making a rushed Diplomacy check in 1 round instead of 1 minute.

Freyja, the Mother
Freyja is the patron of the passionate and those who share love and knowledge freely. She teaches that, just as she accepts both warriors and lovers into her halls after death and gives her tears of gold to the dvergar to be used to craft wondrous treasures, one should find one’s passion in life and pursue it with all possible effort and enthusiasm.
Spheres: Healing Hands, Oracle’s Sight
True Believer Benefit – Embodiment of Passion: You may choose a single skill group to which you have access and use your Charisma modifier with all checks involving that skill group in place of the normal ability modifier associated with the group.

Freyr, the Lord
Freyr is the patron of the industrious and those who live off the land, and is a favored patron of many karls. He teaches that, just as he facilitates trade among the three pantheons and is destined to give his sword away to his hirdman Skirnir at Ragnarok, one should lead and teach by example and keep daily life running smoothly.
Spheres: City Builder, Stern Ruler
True Believer Benefit – Bringer of Peace: You may concentrate at will to affect a single creature with a calm emotions effect; the save DC is Charisma-based.

Heimdall, the Watcher
Heimdall is the patron of the disciplined and those who dedicate their lives to one duty. He teaches that, just as he is always watching for threats and is destined to sound Gjallahorn to signal the coming of Ragnarok, one should always be vigilant for both danger and opportunity.
Spheres: Horn Sounder, Vigilant Protector
True Believer Benefit – Perfection of Vision: You gain superior low-light vision.

Njordr, the Farmer
Njordr is the patron of the wealthy and those who give to those less fortunate. He teaches that, just as he ensures the replenishment of fish and game every year and protects the young and helpless animals, one should share one’s bounty with others so that all benefit.
Spheres: Hidden Forest, Tended Garden
True Believer Benefit – Provider of Plenty: You may take 20 on Survival checks to hunt without increasing the time required, and you earn triple the normal value for both yourself and your clan when using your Farmer or Fisher proficiency during downtime.

Ullr, the Hunter
Uller is the patron of the solitary and those who stand at the edges of society, and is a favored patron of many stigandr. He teaches that, just as he is careful to hunt only the old and weak and is renowned for both the sport of skiing and the combat skill of archery, one should seek balance in all things for the good of oneself and the world.
Spheres: Restless Traveler, Stalker’s Skill
True Believer Benefit – Fleet of Foot: You move two and a half times your speed instead of twice your speed when double-moving or charging.


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