The ulfheðnar, or “wolf-skinned,” channel the power of beasts, similar to barsarkrs. Where barsarkrs have a purely spiritual bond with the natural spirits, ulfheðnar infuse physical totems with magical power to form a stronger connection and express their power more fully in the physical world.


Rather than forming intangible soulmelds out of incarnum, totemists take physical totems—sometimes a full pelt or cloak of feathers, sometimes just a necklace of fangs or claws—and infuse them with power to give the same effects. He does not need any rest before infusing his totems, but he does need 1 hour of preparation as normal, during which he meditates on each totem as he dons it and prays to the spirits of the beasts from which they came.

All of a totemist’s totems together cost him 1 stone of encumbrance, and though they can be lost, stolen, or damaged, the totemist need only hunt down another appropriate beast and take a totem from it; the next day’s hour of meditation will infuse it with the appropriate power.


Skill Groups: Deception, Empathy, Herbalism
Proficiencies: Hide Armor, Light Armor, Nature, Near Worlds, Sagas, Mauls, Unarmed

Soulmeld Ability Note: Some soulmeld abilities may function differently (such as the Lammasu Mantle’s deflection bonus against evil creatures) or may not function at all (such as the Blink Shirt’s teleportation) due to houserules and cosmology changes. A list of altered abilities will be made available if anyone takes levels in totemist.

Totemic Connection: At 4th, 7th, and 10th level, the totemist gains a bonus [Incarnum] feat for which he meets the prerequisites.

Altered Soulmelds

Due to cosmology changes, the following totemist soulmelds are modified:

Blink Shirt
This soulmeld is removed entirely.

Totem Avatar
Regardless of the chakra which the soulmeld occupies or to which it is bound, the totemist may take on the appearance of any creature of the Beast body that he has encountered or studied and for whose home world he possesses at least the Basic Knowledge proficiency. The form is chosen when the soulmeld is shaped and cannot be changed until it is reshaped.


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