Large Units of Time

In addition to rounds and the standard units of minutes, hours, and so forth, the following units are used to track the passage of time in this campaign.

An encounter is a period of 10 minutes, for the purposes of any effects that last for an encounter, refresh at each encounter, and so on, and is usually used to track character-scale action in and out of combat.

A watch is a period of 4 hours, so named because a group of Norsemen on an expedition usually stand watch in two shifts or watches per night, and is usually used to track overland exploration.

A workday is a period of 8 hours and is usually used to track downtime; whenever a downtime action or other mechanic refers to something taking a number of days (or weeks, or months, or…) to complete, it is referring to a workday, not an actual 24-hour day.

A tiding (or more accurately tið, as in Harvesttide, Yuletide, and similar terms) is a half-season, roughly 45 days in length, and is usually used to track settlement developments; it comes from the Norse word tiðindi for “to happen, to befall.”

The Year

The Norse year begins on the winter solstice, but otherwise is very similar to the modern calendar, possessing twelve months of roughly thirty days each. The Norse recognize four seasons, each split into two tidings; each tiding is associated with one of the Nine Worlds, though how close the connection is or whether most of it is mere superstition is a matter of sagely and skaldic debate. The tidings are as follows:

Season Tiding World
Late winter Hearthtide Niflheim
Early spring Sowingtide Asgard
Late spring Eastertide Vanaheim
Early summer Shearingtide Alfheim
Late summer Lammastide Muspelheim
Early autumn Harvesttide Helheim
Late autumn Slaughtertide Jotunheim
Early winter Yuletide Nidavellr


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