Settlement Map


Map Scale

This map is rendered at a 3:1 scale, meaning that each hex in the map is 3 character-scale hexes across, like so:


Map Key

The green area is land and the light blue area is the river. The brown circle is the outer wall of the settlement, with the brown arc in the river being a small jetty built to hold the southeast wardstone.

The solid gray rectangles in the outer wall are the gatehouses, and the red diamonds in the wall and in the exact center are the settlement’s wardstones.

The gray rectangles within the settlement are the Jarl’s and Karl’s longhouses, and the yellow circles are the granaries, placed near the closest gate to the farms (which are off the map to the northwest).

Settlement Layout

Unless you specify otherwise, the settlers will build structures in the standard Norse “riverside colony” layout: living spaces to the north of the settlement, storage buildings to the west, communal buildings to the southwest, and buildings that need river access to the southeast.

Settlement Map

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