Rune Pairs

The twelve rune pairs, and their associated spell lists, are as follows:

Cycles: Isaz (Winter/Spring) and Ingwaz (Fertility/Barrenness)
1st: Cold Fire, Crunchy Snow, Ice Slick, Melt, Snilloc’s Snowball, Winter Chill
2nd: Brumal Stiffening, Chill Metal, Flash-Freeze, Obscuring Snow, Thaw, Warp Wood
3rd: Arctic Haze, Binding Snow, Corona of Cold, Diminish Plants, Hypothermia
4th: Antiplant Shell, Blight, Starvation, Wood Rot
5th: Cold Snap, Cone of Cold, Ice Flowers
6th: Ashen Union, Move Snow and Ice

Power: Uruz (Strength/Weakness) and Naudiz (Endurance/Fatigue)
1st: Ironguts, Mighty Wallop, Power Word Fatigue, Ram’s Might, Ray of Enfeeblement, Tern’s Persistence
2nd: Battering Ram, Hurl, Ray of Dizziness, Steal Size, Theskyn’s Hearty Heave, Thin Air
3rd: Greater Mighty Wallop, Power Word Maladroit, Power Word Weaken, Ray of Exhaustion, Sheltered Vitality
4th: Hurtling Stone, Languor, Ray of Weakness, Unfailing Endurance
5th: Curse of the Brute, Thousand Needles, Waves of Fatigue
6th: Power Word Disable, Wave of Pain

Light: Sowilo (Sun/Moon) and Dagaz (Day/Night)
1st: Blaze of Light, Guiding Light, Hawkeye, Impede Sun’s Brilliance, Light, Raptor’s Sight
2nd: Blindness/Deafness, Body of the Sun, Darkness, Inky Cloud, See Invisibility, Sunstroke
3rd: Brilliant Emanation, Daylight, Deeper Darkness, Searing Light, Wall of Gloom
4th: Aura of the Sun, Blacklight, Blistering Radiance, Early Twilight
5th: Battlefield Illumination, Power Word Blind, Transfix
6th: Anger of the Noonday Sun, Shadow Curse

Fortune: Raido (Riding/Shunning) and Gebo (Favor/Disfavor)
1st: Battle Line, Detect Animals or Plants, Detect Attitude, Lucky Streak, Traveler’s Mount, Vengeful Mount
2nd: Curse of Ill Fortune, Detect Fire, Curse of Impending Blades, Evil Eye, Lucky Blade, Wave of Grief
3rd: Bestow Curse, Hand of the Faithful, Mass Curse of Impending Blades, Repel Vermin, Unluck
4th: Bewildering Mischance, Cursed Blade, Greater Bestow Curse, Mass Curse of Ill Fortune
5th: Antilife Shell, Repel Wood, Repel Metal or Stone
6th: Repulsion, Warp Destiny

Hearth: Kaunan (Fire/Extinguishing) and Fehu (Wealth/Poverty)
1st: Aura Against Flame, Blades of Fire, Instant Search, Raging Flame, Seeker’s Chant, Spontaneous Search
2nd: Aganazzar’s Scorcher, Burning Hands, Burning Sword, Fireburst, Ray of Flame, Scorch
3rd: Body Blaze, Fireball, Heat Metal, Make Whole, Quench
4th: Augment Object, Blast of Flame, Parboil, Wall of Fire
5th: Fireward, Mass Fire Shield, Unearthly Heat
6th: Fire Storm, Total Repair

Prosperity: Ansuz (Enlightenment/Ignorance) and Othala (Home/Banishment)
1st: Burial Blessing, Detect Snares and Pits, Distract, Focusing Chant, Mark of the Outcast, Marked Object
2nd: Aiming at the Target, Cloud of Bewilderment, Glossolalia, Mark of Doom, Phantom Trap, Ray of Stupidity
3rd: Battlemagic Perception, Calm Earth, Clairaudience/Clairvoyance, Mark of Justice, Mark of the Hunter
4th: Arcane Eye, Power Word Distract, Wake Trailing, Zone of Revelation
5th: Arcane Sight, Feeblemind, Flowsight
6th: Discern Location, Guards and Wards

Honor: Wunjo (Glory/Secrecy) and Thurisaz (Courage/Cowardice)
1st: Amplify, Camouflage, Cause Fear, Shock and Awe, Sticky Fingers, Unnerving Gaze
2nd: Apparition, Calm Emotions, Heroism, Inhibit, Lionheart, Rhino’s Rush
3rd: Aura of Glory, Fear, Listening Lorecall, Mass Camouflage, Resounding Voice
4th: Heroics, Phieran’s Resolve, Righteous Fury, Scare
5th: Battletide, Greater Heroism, Voice of the Dragon
6th: Aura of Terror, Greater Cloak of Bravery

Vitality: Jera (Life/Death) and Perth (Fruit/Poison)
1st: Blade of Blood, Decomposition, Delay Poison, Detect Poison, Fengut, Negative Energy Ray
2nd: Choke, False Life, Kiss of the Toad, Suffer the Flesh, Wither Limb, Wracking Touch
3rd: Nauseating Breath, Neutralize Poison, Poison, Stinking Cloud, Vampiric Touch
4th: Bleed, Stop Heart, Toxic Weapon, Wrack
5th: Cloudkill, Life’s Grace, Wail of Doom
6th: Blackwater Taint, Finger of Death

Mobility: Ehwaz (Speed/Slowness) and Ihwaz (Flexibility/Stiffness)
1st: Accelerated Movement, Hold Portal, Ice Skate, Snowshoes, Stand, Surefoot
2nd: Armor Lock, Cutting Hand, Expeditious Retreat, Knock, Quick March, Stretch Weapon
3rd: Hold Animal, Hold Person, Lesser Celerity, Swift Fly, Swift Haste
4th: Haste, Mass Snowshoes, Slow, Unfettered Grasp
5th: Freedom of Movement, Hold Monster, Snake’s Swiftness,
6th: Mass Snake’s Swiftness, Power Word Stun

Weather: Hagalaz (Storm/Calmness) and Laguz (Water/Fog)
1st: Buoyant Lifting, Electric Jolt, Float, Wings of the Sea, Obscuring Mist, Sink
2nd: Electric Loop, Fog Cloud, Locate Water, Stolen Breath, Wind Wall, Zone of Silence
3rd: Power Word Deafen, Steam Breath, Storm Shield, Thunderous Roar, Updraft
4th: Boreal Wind, Rushing Waters, Wall of Water, Waterball
5th: Blizzard, Control Currents, Wind Tunnel
6th: Freezing Fog, Water Spout

Excellence: Mannaz (Human/Bestial) and Tiwaz (Skill/Incompetence)
1st: Accuracy, Bane, Distract Assailant, Lesser Deflect, Ray of Clumsiness, Wave Blessing
2nd: Critical Strike, Insightful Feint, Nerveskitter, Protection from Arrows, Rage, Wild Instincts
3rd: Blunt Weapon, Curse of Petty Failing, Deflect, Exacting Shot, Fell the Greatest Foe
4th: Aerial Alacrity, Arrow Mind, Guided Shot, Sniper’s Eye
5th: Find the Gap, Mass Swim, Wieldskill
6th: Indomitability, Lion’s Charge

Stability: Berkanan (Earth/Void) and Algiz (Protection/Vulnerability)
1st: Dispel Ward, Elemental Burst, Earthbolt, Entropic Shield, Sanctuary, Stonemantle
2nd: Earthbind, Earth Lock, Protection from Charm, Rockburst, Shatter, Stone Fist
3rd: Detect Metal and Minerals, Dispel Magic, Earth Hammer, Eradicate Earth, Tremorsense
4th: Spike Stones, Stone Shatter, Transmute Mud to Rock, Transmute Rock to Mud
5th: Earth Reaver, Stoneskin, Transmute Stone to Sand
6th: Ice Rift, Mudslide

Rune Pairs

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