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Utlendr Benefits

The background benefits for utlendr characters of each culture are listed here for convenience.

Gone Native: Choose another non-Utlendr background and gain its background benefit, but at half strength or choosing only one of the two granted perks, as appropriate to the chosen background.

All Roads Lead To Byzantium: Reduce the downtime needed to learn any Region proficiencies or the History, Sagas, or Traditions Knowledge proficiencies to 2/3 normal and begin play with knowledge of two additional languages spoken at a Basic proficiency level.

Luck of the Eirish: Three times per day, reroll a natural 1 on any d20 roll.

Highly Cultured: Gain access to all three utlendr skill groups instead of choosing two of them, and gain literacy with your native tongue.

Howling Barbarian: Once per combat after you have already acted, reroll one failed Will save or morale check.

Hashashin: Begin play with knowledge of a single 1st-level martial maneuver and a single 1st-level stance from the Desert Wind or Shadow Hand disciplines, and use them as if gained via the Martial Study and Martial Stance feats.

Mysterious Easterling: Gain a +2 bonus on rolls and checks against creatures who have never encountered an Oriental character before for the duration of the encounter. As soon as you fail such a roll, the bonus is lost against all such creatures in the same encounter.

Legionary Discipline: Can take 10 on Concentration and Discipline checks in dangerous or distracting conditions, and can take 15 on those checks in conditions when you could normally take 10.

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Simple, Peaceful Farmer: When determining income from working Common Occupations, treat your character level as +3 higher.

Other Cultures

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