The Jotnar are the Norse gods of the untamed wilderness, of ancient forests and craggy peaks. Of the many Jotnar, there are but six powerful enough to grant magic to their worshipers:

True Believer Benefit – Strong Faith: You gain two additional cleric spell slots per day of the highest spell level you can cast. These spell slots may only be used to cast offensive spells.

Ægir, the Sea
Ægir is the patron of the pragmatic and those who travel far from home, and is a favored patron of utlendrs who take up worship of the Norse gods. He teaches that, just as a calm sea can turn dangerous in the blink of an eye and one can easily get lost out of sight of land, one should always be prepared and make plans for any eventuality.
Spheres: Crushing Waves, Lurking Depths
True Believer Benefit – Maker of Plans: You may ready an action without specifying an action to take; essentially, you can save a standard action until a specified triggering action occurs and decide what to do then.

Angrboda, the Beasts
Angrboda is the patron of the selfish and those who are outcast, and is a favored patron of thralls. She teaches that, just as she was shunned for birthing Fenrir and Jormungandr and her children are destined to consume the sun and moon and earth, one should take what one needs at any cost because only those closest to you can be trusted to help you at all.
Spheres: Animal Skin, Faithful Companions
True Believer Benefit – Mother of Beasts: You are never attacked by creatures of the beast classification as long as there are other creatures to target first, or unless there are other creatures controlling the beasts and forcing them to attack you.

Jord, the Earth
Jord is the patron of the confident and those in the public eye. She teaches that, just as the earth moves for no man and will persist even after Ragnarok, one should stand firm in one’s convictions and not give in to outside pressure.
Spheres: Endless Caverns, Looming Peaks
True Believer Benefit – Stubbornness of Stone: You can reroll all rolls to resist being invountarily moved (Strength checks to resist a bull rush or trip attempt, Reflex saves against an Explosive spell, and the like) and take the better result.

Hel, the Underworld
Hel is the patron of the desperate and those who are or feel exiled. She teaches that, just as death comes to all equally regardless of station or worthiness, one should do whatever one wishes because nothing matters in the end.
Spheres: Rotting Grave, Soul’s Reward
True Believer Benefit – Devourer of Life: You gain a +2 sacred bonus to caster level for 1 round whenever you kill a creature in combat.

Surtr, the Fire
Surtr is the patron of the stoic and those who are burdened with unwelcome duty. He teaches that, just as fire is both useful and dangerous and he is destined to burn down the world at Ragnarok and be hated all the other gods, one should make the best of one’s lot and control what one can.
Spheres: Furious Volcano, Smoldering Flame
True Believer Benefit – Wielder of Flame: You may grant the flaming burst property to any weapon you wield for as long as you wield it.

Thrym, the Frost
Thrym is the patron of the patient and those who are unlucky. He teaches that, just as the Fimbulvettr will rule after the world burns at Ragnarok and as he has been alive longer than most other gods and will outlive most of them, one should persevere through misfortune and cruel fate and recall that one will come out on top in the end.
Spheres: Arctic Cold, Boundless Fury
True Believer Benefit – Wielder of Frost: You may grant the icy burst property to any weapon you wield for as long as you wield it.


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