Item List

The following is a list of all of the moderate and major magic items encountered at this point in the campaign, along with who currently has possession of which items.

Major Items

Item Name Slot
Altar of Communal Faith Emplacement
Brooch of Ancestral Virtue Trinket and Ephemeral
Drums of the Resounding Echo Implement
Effigy of the Three Lords Emplacement
Font of Freyja Emplacement
Hags’ Eye Ephemeral
Hand of Surtr Accessory
Klöfning Implement
Litidraupnir Trinket
Noxious Mantle Vestment
Staff of Freyja’s Passion Implement

Moderate Items

Item Name Slot
Alfar Spirit Token (x3) Trinket
Amulet of Good Fortune Trinket
Asturian Emunctorium Implement
Candelabra of Devotion Implement
Glove of Deus’ Judgment (x2) Accessory

Items By Character

Character Accessory Implement Emplacement Ephemeral Trinket Vestment
Álfraðr Glove of Deus’ Judgment Asturian Emunctorium Brooch of Ancestral Virtue Brooch of Ancestral Virtue
Asa Glove of Deus’ Judgment East Wardstone Alfar Spirit Token (Rose)
Eirlif Hand of Surtr North Wardstone Alfar Spirit Token (Lily) Alfar Spirit Token (Dandelion)
Heila Staff-Bearer Font of Freyja
Kalmar One-Arm South Wardstone
Kulgan West Wardstone Southwest Wardstone Amulet of Good Fortune
Radmar Klöfning Northeast Wardstone Litidraupnir Noxious Mantle
Skogur Hags’ Eye Northwest Wardstone Central Wardstone
Stjorn the Wise Drums of the Resounding Echo Southeast Wardstone

Item List

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