The Heal Skill

Heal gains a number of additional uses, as given on the following table. Each of them requires 10 minutes of work per creature to be healed.

Task Base DC
First Aid 15+2*(Bleed-1)
Heal condition 15
Tend wounds 5+10*Wounds
Treat injury 15

For all of the below uses of Heal, you can make a rushed Heal check at a penalty, accepting a -5 penalty to complete a given task in 1 minute or a -10 penalty to complete it in 1 full-round action. Additionally, you can attempt to Heal yourself rather than another character, but the DC to do so is increased by +5.

First Aid: The creature you treat stops or slows their bleeding. Make a Heal check against DC 15, and the creature you treat reduces their bleeding by 1 plus 1 per 2 points by which you beat the DC. If you fail by less than 5, the bleeding is not stopped, but it is slowed, such that the character loses the indicated number of hit points each minute instead of each round; using First Aid again on such a character and failing by less than 5 increases the interval by 1 step each time, to 10 minutes, then 1 hour, then 1 watch. If you fail by 5 or more, the character immediately bleeds for their current Bleed value and increase their bleeding severity by 1.

Heal Condition: The creature you treat removes a minor condition from which he is suffering or reduces a moderate condition to the corresponding minor condition. Succeeding against a DC of 20 reduces a major condition to a moderate one or removes a moderate condition, and succeeding against a DC of 25 removes any condition. If you fail the check by 5 points or more, the condition being treated instead worsens by one step: a minor condition becomes moderate, a moderate condition becomes major, and a major condition triggers a death saving throw.

A given creature may benefit from this use of Heal only once per watch. You cannot heal a condition caused by an ongoing effect (such as paralysis caused by hold person or fatigue caused by a lack of sleep) until the cause of the condition is removed or resolved.

Tend Wounds: The creature you treat reduces his wound total. The DC of this task is based on the creature’s current wounds:

Wounds DC
4 45
3 35
2 25
1 15

The DC is increased by +5 if the creature took 2 or more wounds from a single attack or if an attack that inflicted any wound had a secondary effect such as poison, rend, or the like, as the creature’s wounds in that case are more severe than normal.

If you succeed by 5 points or more, the creature heals 1 wound with no further issue, plus additional 1 wound for every additional 5 points by which you beat the DC. If you succeed against the normal DC, the wound is healed, but the creature is left with a permanent scar, limp, discoloration, or other noticeable sign of the injury. If you fail by less than 5 points, the creature receives such a reminder of the injury, but the wound is not healed and the sign remains even if the wound is later healed. If you fail the check by 5 points or more, the creature instead gains 1 wound, and this increases later Heal DCs by +5 as described above.

A given creature may benefit from this use of Heal only once per day.

Treat Injury: The creature you treat converts 2 points of damage, plus 2 points for each point by which you exceed the DC, into nonlethal damage. If you fail the check by 5 points or more, the creature instead loses a number of hit points equal to [DC – check result].

A given creature may benefit from this use of Heal only once per watch.


In order to get the benefits of a full night’s rest (for healing purposes or otherwise), a character must sleep for 8 hours, with each interruption adding 1 hour to the total amount of time required. If he sleeps more than 4 hours (subject to the same interruption rule) but less than 8 hours, he does not gain the benefits of a full night’s sleep but does not take any penalties.

If a character sleeps less than 4 hours in a given night, he is sleep-deprived. After being sleep-deprived for a number of days in a row equal to his Con bonus, he becomes fatigued; this fatigue cannot be healed by magic, only by getting a full night’s rest. If he remains sleep-deprived for the same interval, he becomes exhausted. For each interval after that, he must make a DC 15 Fort save or take 1 wound and must make a DC 15 Will save or fall unconscious until he receives a full night’s rest or is awakened early; failing the Fort save by more than 5 inflicts 2 wounds instead of 1 and failing the Will save by more than 5 inflicts him with insanity. Like the fatigued and exhausted conditions, the wounds and possible insanity cannot be healed until after the character gets a full night’s rest, and any interruption in his rest forces the same Will save to stay awake (but does not inflict further penalties on a failure, just delays his recover).

Each day in which a character does not sleep at all counts as two days of sleep deprivation instead of one, and each day in which his sleep is not sufficiently restful (sleeping while encumbered, constantly interrupted, undertaking strenuous activity without sleeping, etc.) counts as one step worse, so for instance a full night’s rest in heavy armor counts as one watch’s rest, a full watch’s rest in heavy armor counts as sleep deprivation, less than a watch’s rest in heavy armor counts as two days of sleep deprivation, and not sleeping at all while in heavy armor counts as four days of sleep deprivation.

For example, Olaf Svensson, a fighter with 14 Con and Fort and Will saves of +4, spends over a week getting only 3 hours of sleep per night. After two days of this, he is fatigued. After four days, he is exhausted. Two more days, and he takes his first wound. On day eight he takes a second wound, on day ten he takes his third wound and fails his Will save, falling unconscious to recover. If Olaf is woken up and somehow prevented from sleeping, on the twelfth day he takes his fourth wound and dies on the fourteenth day as he takes his fifth wound and his body totally shuts down. If he didn’t sleep at all, this whole process would take only 7 days, and if he didn’t sleep because he spent the whole time fighting off troll raids he would die in only 3 days.


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