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Christianity is a widespread cult practiced by the Franks and Byzantines, and by some Moors and Germans. It is a corruption of the true Norse understanding of the gods, yet despite their confusion and misunderstanding they still receive godly magic from their misguided worship.

Organization: Christianity is actually composed of three interconnected religions, the same way Norse religion is composed of the religions of the Æsir, Vanir, and Jotnar, though unlike the different Norse religions all of Christianity worship the same pantheon. Asturian Christianity in Iberia is led by a Rey, Latin Christianity in Italia is led by a Pope, and Orthodox Christianity in Byzantia is led by a Synod. These leaders are served by bishops, bishops are served by priests, and priests are served by laity, similar to the koenig-jarl-þulr-karl structure of Norse religion.

Rites and Practitioners: Christianity is characterized by many complicated and bizarre practices compared to the simplicity and reasonableness of Norse practice. Its religious leaders wear exotic and colorful garb to conduct their ceremonies and all black otherwise, setting them apart from the rest of society, and their rites have no connection to the seasons or other cycles of the natural world. Most Christian practices resemble odd superstition rather than the practical divine agreements of the Norse.

Christian Deities

Pantheon True Believer Benefit – Merciful Faith: You gain the paladin’s Lay On Hands ability with an effective paladin level equal to your cleric level.

Deus, the Father
Deus, the father of the pantheon, seems to be the Christian name for both Odin and Freyr, as Deus is the leader of the other gods and creator of the world; however, he also has aspects of Thor for his love of natural destruction, Viðar for dislike of communication with his followers, and Forseti for his placement of judgment above mercy.
Spheres: City Builder, Smiting Storm, Solemn Judgment
True Believer Benefit – Smiter of Heathens: You gain the Frightful Presence special ability, triggered whenever you charge or score a critical hit.

Maria, the Mother
Maria seems to be the Christian name for Freyja, and her placement in the pantheon below her son, unlike Freyja’s equal position with Freyr, is likely the cause of the sexism inherent in the Christian cultures compared to the egalitarian Norse; she is also seemingly much weaker and less assertive than Freyja, as she is primarily called upon to intervene with the other gods rather than to do anything on her own.
Spheres: Oracle’s Sight, Tended Garden, Faithful Companions
True Believer Benefit – Protector of Children: You grant a +2 sacred bonus to AC and saving throws to all allies within 60 who have hit dice no greater than half your cleric level.

Christus, the Son
Christus seems to be the Christian name for Balder, given the parallels of their innocence, destined sacrifice and resurrection, and great beauty; as with Maria, however, he lacks the well-roundedness of his Norse counterpart.
Spheres: Healing Hands, Pure Heart, Soul’s Reward
True Believer Benefit – Profession of Faith: You maximize the healing provided by any spells or other abilities you possess when using those abilities on other Christians.

Spiritus, the Flame
Spiritus seems to be a muddled mix of Tyr and Loki, as he inspires the faithful with zealous fury in battle while being a secretive god rarely mentioned in concrete terms in their holy writings; his (her? its?) true form is unknown, and he is usually referred to by his manifestations as a flame, the wind, various animals, or the like.
Spheres: Animal Skin, Smoldering Flame, Boundless Fury
True Believer Benefit – Spirit of Guidance: You add your Charisma bonus to the normal bonus granted when you use Aid Another on an ally or flank with them.

Angeli, the Watchers
Angeli seems to be the Christian name for Heimdall, except that they are actually a group of nine gods worshiped as one; perhaps the Christians mistook Heimdall’s collective birth by nine daughters of Ægir and Ran as nine separate births and their conception of Angeli arose from there. Rather than believing that Angeli can see all from his position in Asgard, they believe the gods that compose Angeli travel Midgard watching things up close.
Spheres: Restless Traveler, Mesmerizing Performance, Vigilant Protector
True Believer Benefit – Guardian of Souls: You automatically succeed on wound saving throws made against wounds inflicted while you are not currently wounded.

Sancti, the Host
Sancti isn’t a Christian name for any god or group of gods; instead, it seems to be their term for the einherjar and other ancestral spirits worshiped as a group.
Spheres: Lifegiving Breath, Rotting Grave, War Leader
True Believer Benefit – Communion of Saints: You may take 12 on any check on which you could otherwise take 10 as long as you are in a quiet and peaceful place.

Foreign Religions

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