To enable the campaign to “zoom out” from the action and determine what sorts of things will happen to the settlement as longer periods of time pass, a certain number of special events are randomly generated every tiding as follows.

On the first day of every tiding, the DM secretly rolls 5d10-5 twice to determine how many days it will be until an event occurs, then rolls for one random event and one fixed event.

Random Events

Each random event has a magnitude and an effect. Magnitude determines how good or how bad the event will be for the settlement, and is generated using 2d6:

Result Magnitude
2 Very Detrimental
3-4 Detrimental
5 Silver Lining
6-8 Mixed
9 Small Catch
10-11 Beneficial
12 Very Beneficial

Very Detrimental, Detrimental, Beneficial, and Very Beneficial are fairly self-explanatory; Silver Lining means an effect that isn’t entirely negative but has some redeeming feature, Small Catch is a generally positive effect with a drawback of some sort, and Mixed means an event that either has good and bad attributes in roughly equal proportion or doesn’t really affect the settlement directly and can be good or bad depending on how the characters handle it.

After generating magnitude, the exact event will be generated with equal probability for each; bad events can be generated for Silver Lining and below magnitude, good events can be generated for Small Catch and above magnitude, and neutral events can be generated at any magnitude.

Impact Events
Good Acquisition, Ally, Ascent, Comfort, Favor, Prosperity, Victory
Neutral Attack, Development, Discovery, Dispute, Morale, Phenomenon, Stability
Bad Catastrophe, Decline, Defeat, Deprivation, Enemy, Judgment, Losses

Members of the settlement find something helpful that they can later take advantage of, such as a valuable item, a new source of wealth, or the like.

The settlement either makes an ally with local forces or gains reinforcements from the clan.

The clan does well this tiding and shares some of its wealth with the settlement.

A monster or another faction assaults the settlement, or the settlement masses its warriors to assault an enemy.

During this tiding, the settlement experiences the wrath of nature in the form of harsher weather, worse food growth, tougher voyages, and the like.

During this tiding, the settlement experiences the favor of nature in the form of milder weather, better food growth, easier voyages, and the like.

The settlement comes under threat from monsters or another faction and suffers a major loss, or an ongoing conflict turns out badly for the settlement.

Something happens in the course of expanding and improving the settlement.

Members of the settlement uncover some useful information, such as faster travel routes, a good location for expansion, or the like.

The clan does poorly this tiding and demands wealth and manpower from the settlement to help them out.

The settlement loses some wealth and cedes some territory to the wilderness.

An internal dispute affects certain characters in the settlement, or there is friction between the settlement and an ally.

The settlement either makes an enemy among local forces or loses members to betrayal, desertion, or the like.

The gods smile upon the settlement, and it is blessed somehow.

The gods are displeased with the settlement, and it is cursed or punished somehow.

Members of the settlement encounter a problem with their resources, such as food spoilage, sick animals, or the like.

Something happens to affect settlement morale, for better or worse.

Something magical or mysterious happens nearby or affecting the settlement, such as the opening of a conjunction, a particularly good or bad omen, or the like.

The settlement gains more territory and wealth under its control.

Nothing particularly notable happens this tiding.

The settlement comes under threat from monsters or another faction but its warriors prevail, or an ongoing conflict is decisively solved.

Examples of what each magnitude mean for each event will be filled in above as time allows.

Fixed Events

The second event of each tiding is fixed, the same event happening every year during that time. The fixed event for each tiding is as follows:

Tiding Event
Hearthtide Disting Festival
Sowingtide Spring Planting
Eastertide Walpurgis Nights
Shearingtide Heroes’ Blóts
Lammastide Alþing Moot
Harvesttide Autumn Harvest
Slaughtertide Winter Nights
Yuletide Yule Feast

Disting Festival
The disting, or festival honoring one’s ancestors, is a celebration of family members both living and departed. It is also a time for accounting for one’s cattle and tallying wealth, and so is the time when the Norse prayed to the ancestors for prosperity in the coming year and prepared their lands for planting.

Spring Planting
In the early spring, the whole clan (and whole settlement) comes together to plant the crops for later in the year.

Walpurgis Nights
This series of nine nights honors Odin’s ancient self-sacrifice upon Yggdrasil and gives a glimpse of the coming Ragnarok. The first eight days are a time for solemn contemplation and remembrance, and for the entire ninth day darkness falls and chaos reigns throughout the Nine Worlds.

Heroes’ Blóts
There are many blóts, or holy sacrificial feast days, during this tiding to honor the ancient heroes of the clan. Each year, one hero is chosen by the goði to be the most honored hero in that tiding, and a three-day festival of feasting, carousing, rejoicing, and commemoration is held in their honor.

Alþing Moot
The Alþing, or assembly of jarls and goðar, meets every summer to discuss inter-clan business, mete out justice, and declare new clan law. It requires a journey to the Þingvellr or Assembly Fields for all clan leaders and any who would petition them, so it usually draws large crowds and is an excellent opportunity to meet with other clans.

Autumn Harvest
In the early autumn, the whole clan (and whole settlement) comes together to reap what they sowed earlier in the year.

Winter Nights
During the waning days of sunlight, the Wild Hunt rides out from Vanaheim, the dead walk the earth, mystically-sensitive men and women see visions of their and their family’s futures, and everyone must come together to prepare for winter.

Yule Feast
The last celebration of plenty before the deprivation of winter, Yule signifies the New Year and a time of endings and beginnings.


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