Downtime Actions

The following are a list of actions that can be taking during downtime. Most are available to every character; if a particular kind of action is restricted by class, background, or some other category, that will be noted in the action description.


Whenever a character gains a level, he must spend 3 days per level in training to gain the benefits of this new level. He cannot take any other downtime actions until this training is completed.

Training Actions

If a character trains under the guidance of another character who already possesses the skill/proficiency/feat/etc. he wishes to attain for at least half the duration of the downtime action, he reduces the completion time to 2/3 normal. Some actions require the assistance of a trainer, and do not benefit from this time discount when undertaken.

Time multipliers given below are applied after any modifiers that add or subtract time.

Train Proficiency

Gain basic proficiency 3 weeks
Improve basic proficiency to expert proficiency 6 weeks
Improve expert proficiency to master proficiency 12 weeks
Character lacks necessary materials/facilities +1 week
Proficiency is considered Rare ×1.5, requires trainer
Proficiency is associated with neither character’s background nor primary class ×1.5, requires trainer

Train Language
A character can learn a language without gaining the rest of the benefits of gaining the corresponding Region proficiency in one-third the time necessary to gain that Region proficiency (1 week to speak at a Basic level, 2 weeks to speak at an Expert level, or 4 weeks to speak at a Master level, modified for materials, rarity, and background as normal), or one-quarter the time if they just wish to understand the language and not speak it. However, the character learns only a single language by this method, not all languages of a region; for example, Norse proficiency lets a character speak all Norse languages, but a character must train separately to speak Dansk, Faroese, Icelandsk, Nordvegian, or Svensk.

Train Skill

Gain 1st rank in an untrained skill 3 weeks, requires trainer, skill must be in character’s skill groups
Gain 2nd, 3rd, or 4th rank in a skill 6 weeks
Gain 5th or 6th rank in a skill 9 weeks
Gain 2nd or higher rank of a skill not in one of character’s skill groups ×1.5, requires trainer

Train Feat

Action Time Associated Class
Gain [General] or [Item Creation] feat 3 weeks All
Gain [Tactical] or [Style] feat 4 weeks Martial
Gain [Ambush] or [Luck] feat 5 weeks Skilled
Gain [Divine], [Incarnum], or [Wild] feat 6 weeks Godly Casters, Spiritual Classes
Gain [Metamagic] or [Reserve] feat 7 weeks Runic Casters
Feat is not associated with character’s primary class ×1.5, requires trainer
Minimum level to meet feat prerequisites is above 2nd +3 days per level above 2nd, requires trainer
Character has already gained a feat of the same descriptor through training -1 week


A character dissatisfied with his current progression can attempt to change, taking his training in a new direction and letting old skills atrophy. Retraining always requires a trainer, and does not benefit from the usual training time discount.

All prerequisites must be met throughout the retraining process, including after the old aspect is lost but before the new one is gained. For instance, a bard 3/wizard 3 character with the Fiery Burst reserve feat (which requires the ability to cast 2nd level spells) who wishes to retrain away a level of wizard for a level of bard could not do so, as he would not meet that prerequisite after removing the wizard level (becoming a bard 3/wizard 2) and before adding the bard level (becoming a bard 4/wizard 2), even though he would know 2nd level spells as both a bard 3/wizard 3 and a bard 4/wizard 2.

Retrain Skill

Lose 1 rank in old skill 1, gain 1 rank in new skill 2 Time to train new skill rank (see above)/2

1: Bonus ranks gained through skill synergy may not be retrained.

2: The old skill must have a higher or equal rank than the new skill after retraining.

Both old and new skills belong to one of character’s skill groups ×1/2

Retrain Feat

Lose 1 old feat, gain 1 new feat 1 Time to train new feat (see above)/2

1: All prerequisites for the new feat must have been able to have been met by the character at the same level the old feat was gained.

Both old and new feats are associated with character’s primary class (see Train Feat) ×1/2

Retrain Class Level

Lose most-recently-gained level, gain 1 new level 1 week per character level
Retrain a previous level 1 week per character level × levels since retrained level was gained 1
Trade standard class feature for alternate class feature 2 weeks × level class feature is gained
Trade alternate class feature for standard class feature 1 week × level class feature is gained
Old level belonged to primary class ×2
New level belongs to primary class ×1/2
Old or new level belongs to a prestige class ×1½

1: For example, a Barbarian 2/Fighter 3/Rogue 2 wants to retrain his 3rd fighter level to become a Barbarian 2/Fighter 2/Rogue 3. This requires 7 (current character level) × 2 (current character level, 7, minus character level at which Fighter 3 was gained, 5) weeks, or 14 weeks total.

Special Actions

Fighter Only

Gain Fighting Style feat Varies 1

1: Choose one feat for each of your fighting styles and determine how long it would take to gain each feat based on the rules for Train Feat, above. Spend the amount of downtime needed to gain the feat with the longest time requirement, and at the end of that time you gain all of the chosen feats, added to the appropriate fighting styles.

Godly Caster Only

The trainer for these actions, if any, must be of the same class and faith as the character and be of equal or higher level.

Choose additional sphere per day 2 weeks, requires trainer 1
Gain +1 Divine Channeling use 1 week × current Divine Channeling uses 2

1: Can only be done once.

2: Can only be done a number of times equal to the lower of your Wisdom and Charisma modifiers.

Runic Caster Only

The trainer for these actions, if any, must be a runic caster who possesses the rune pair you wish to gain or improve.

Gain new spell from existing rune pair 1 week per spell level
Increase rune pair spell level limit 1 2 weeks × new spell level, requires trainer
Learn new 1st-level rune pair 2 12 weeks, requires trainer, must have access to 2nd-level rune pair

1: The level limit on a given rune pairs cannot be increased past that of a rune pair learned earlier, so for instance if a bard can cast 2nd level spells from the rune pairs of Fortune and Prosperity and 1st level spells from the rune pair of Power, he could train his Power rune pair to be able to learn up to 2nd level spells, but could not train it up to 3rd level spells until his Fortune and Prosperity rune pairs grant him access to 3rd level spells.

Shapechanger Only

Here, “shapechanger” refers to any character capable of using Wild Shape, casting alter self, or otherwise changing his form through magic.

Gain or change known form 1-3 weeks 1

1: Gaining a known form requires 3 weeks if the character possesses basic proficiency in the relevant Knowledge proficiency, 2 weeks for expert proficiency, or 1 week for master proficiency. To gain a known form, the character must have studied it extensively (such as engaging in combat with it multiple times, examining a deceased creature in detail, or studying it from afar for considerable time). If a character is at his limit of known forms, he may still gain a new known form, but at the end of the downtime period he must replace one of his existing known forms with the newly-learned form.

Downtime Actions

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