Some conditions in this campaign are organized into three-degree condition tracks, to better interact with Called Shots and new uses of the Heal skill. The condition tracks are as follows:

Minor Condition Moderate Condition Major Condition
Fatigued Exhausted Asleep
Entangled Immobilized Paralyzed
Sickened Nauseated Stunned
Grabbed Grappled Pinned
Checked Knocked Down Blown Away
Distracted Confused Insane
Shaken Frightened Panicked
Ability Damage (1d4+1) Ability Damage (2d4+2) Ability Drain (1d4+1)
Bleed (1 HP) Bleed (3 HP) Bleed (6 HP)

Distracted: A distracted character has a 50% chance to take no actions on their turn.

Grabbed: A grabbed character is being held by another character. The grabbed character moves along with the grabbing character and vice versa as long as he is grabbed, but is not grappled or otherwise impeded.

Bleed: A character who is bleeding loses the indicated number of hit points each round at the start of his turn. Bleeding can be stopped using either the First Aid or Heal Condition uses of the Heal skill.


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