Universal Classes

The following classes are available to members of every culture. Any desired alternate class features may be used in conjunction with these classes unless they are listed under Restricted Classes below (though you should check with the DM for how a given ACF may interact with campaign houserules).

Skald (Bard)
Vitki (Binder)
Goði (Cleric)
Konnuður (Factotum)
Bardagamaður (Fighter)
Seiðmann (Incarnate)
Drengr (Ranger)
Þjofur (Rogue)
Utsendari (Scout)
Hermaður (Soldier)
Fjolkunnig (Spirit Shaman)
Ulfheðnar (Totemist)
Þane (Warblade)
Galdramaður (Wizard)

Restricted Classes

The following classes are only available to native Norse characters (for the Norse classes) or characters possessing the Utlendr background corresponding to the appropriate culture (for the non-Norse classes), or to characters who have trainers of those backgrounds to train them in the first 3 levels of the class. The following alternate class features are also exclusive to those cultures, and in fact members of those classes from those cultures must take the listed alternate class features.

Culture Class Alternate Class Feature
Celtic Druwídh (Druid) Beastmaster
Frankish Paladin
Norse Runirblað (Duskblade)
Roman Anointed (Soulborn)
Skraeling Angatkuk (Shugenja) Anagagok
Anglo-Saxon/Celtic/Germanic/Norse Barsarkr (Barbarian)
Byzantine/Frankish/Moorish/Roman Crusader


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