Clan Members

The background, class, and any particularly relevant abilities of the members of the expedition are as follows.

Expedition members who are not members of the Skjolsung clan are indicated by an asterisk (*).

Notable NPCs

Amalek *
Adult Female Utlendr (Skræling) Ranger 5
Notable Proficiencies: Master: Greenland, Nature; Expert: Mauls, Mobile Fighting, Near Worlds, Spears
Position: Primary hunter and war-leader of the Hunting Bears tribe

Andr Ræðursson
Adult Male Þulr Spirit Shaman 4
Notable Proficiencies: Master: Nature, Near Worlds, Trader; Expert: Retainer
Spirit Guide: Wolf (+0 Bluff, +2 Sense Motive for Sense Spirits)
Position: Liaison to the spirits

Galðar Svarsson
Adult Male Stigandr Scout 4/Wizard 1/Rogue 3
Notable Proficiencies: Master: Geography, Mobile Fighting, Sailor, Swords; Expert: Fisher, Nature, Round Shields, Slavic, Unarmored; Basic: Moorish
Rune Pairs: Cycles, Mobility, Weather
Rogue Abilities: Defensive Roll
Position: Captain of the Favorable Wind and leader of the settlement fleet

Heila Staff-Bearer (formerly Heila Haraldsdottr)
Old Female Þulr Cleric 2/Wizard 2/Binder 1/Vǫlva 1
Notable Proficiencies: Master: Craftsman, History, Priest, Runes, Sagas, Traditions; Expert: Nature, Unarmed
Notable Feats: Sanctum Spell [Jarl’s Longhouse], Improved Binding
Patron: Freyja
Rune Pairs: Fortune, Prosperity, Stability
Position: Spiritual adviser to the clan

Kalmar One-Arm
Adult Male Jarl Warblade 5/Hand of Tyr 3
Notable Proficiencies: Master: Axes, History, Retainer, Steward, Swords, Two-Handed Weapons, Unarmed; Expert: Heavy Armor, Mobile Fighting, Scale Armor
Maneuvers: Absolute Steel Stance (S), Insightful Strike, Iron Heart Surge, Moment of Perfect Mind, Stance of Clarity (S), Steel Wind, Steely Strike, Stone Vise
Position: Expedition leader, former captain of the Leaping Dolphin

Kirrek *
Adult Male Utlendr (Skræling) Barbarian 6
Notable Proficiencies: Master: Axes, Greenland, Mauls, Mobile Fighting, Unarmed, Unarmored, Two-Handed Weapons
Position: Best warrior of the Hunting Bears tribe

Konna Kennarsdottr
Adult Female Huscarl Fighter 4/Soldier 2
Notable Proficiencies: Master: Axes, Dual Weapons, Light Armor, Mauls, Medium Armor, Round Shields, Steward; Expert: Heavy Armor, Kite Shields, Mobile Fighting, Projectile Weapons, Spears, Swords, Thrown Weapons, Two-Handed Weapons, Unarmed
Auras: Minor: Motivate Intelligence; Major: Steady Hand
Position: Combat instructor

Kort Gerðson
Venerable Male Þulr Factotum 3/Bard 3
Notable Proficiencies: Master: Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic, Geography, History, Nature; Expert: Far Worlds, Lower Worlds, Near Worlds, Upper Worlds
Rune Pairs: Excellence, Prosperity
Skaldic Music: Chant of the Long Road, Inspire Competence, Mimicking Song
Skaldic Knack: Minimum 1/2 level ranks in skills
Position: Cartographer and quartermaster

Millaq *
Venerable Female Utlendr (Skræling) Angatkuk 7
Notable Proficiencies: Master: Greenland, Geography, History, Sagas; Expert: Mauls, Spears
Elements: Primary Stone, secondary Frost
Position: Chieftain of the Hunting Bears tribe

Stjorn the Wise
Old Male Karl Bard 3/Soldier 5
Notable Proficiencies: Master: Dual Weapons, Geography, History, Near Worlds, Retainer, Steward; Expert: Nature, Runes, Sagas, Trader, Traditions, Upper Worlds
Auras: Minor: Art of War, Motivate Intelligence, Motivate Constitution; Major: Hardy Soldiers, Motivate Urgency
Rune Pairs: Fortune, Prosperity
Skaldic Music: Inspire Awe, Inspire Courage, Inspire Competence
Skaldic Knack: Aid adjacent ally’s skill
Position: Settlement overseer

Taltuq *
Old Male Utlendr (Skræling) Anagagok 7
Notable Proficiencies: Master: Greenland, Nature, Priest, Runes; Expert: Near Worlds, Upper Worlds, Lower Worlds
Position: Wise man of the Hunting Bears tribe and consort to Millaq

Urkoma Nornsdottr
Old Female Þulr Wizard 7
Notable Proficiencies: Master: History, Runes, Scribe; Expert: Craftsman, Nature, Near Worlds
Rune Pairs: Weather, Cycles, Prosperity, Honor, Vitality, Hearth
Position: Mystical advisor to the clan

Voldugur Troll-Wrestler
Adult Male Huscarl Ranger 5
Notable Proficiencies: Master: Axes, Lower Worlds, Two-Handed Weapons, Unarmed, Unarmored; Expert: Dual Weapons, Geography, Hide Armor, Mauls, Mobile Fighting
Notable Feats: Improved Grapple, Nemesis (Nidavellr), Scorpion’s Grasp
Ranger Abilities: Combat Style (Savage Fighting), Favored Enemy (Nidavellr +4, Jotunheim +2), Spheres (Killer’s Blade, Stalker’s Skill), Solitary Hunting [Dr347, alternate class feature]
Position: Troll wrestler


37 craftsmen
Karl Rogue 4
Notable Proficiencies: Master: Craftsman; Expert: Farmer, History, Unarmed; Basic: Trader
Notable Feats: Skill Focus (Craft [any one])

7 farmers
Karl Scout 4
Notable Proficiencies: Expert: Farmer, Spears; Basic: Craftsman, Nature, Laborer

22 laborers
Karl Scout 4
Notable Proficiencies: Master: Laborer; Expert: Fisher, Spears, Unarmored; Basic: Farmer
Notable Feats: Skill Focus (Craft [any one])

17 raiders
Huskarl Warblade 4
Notable Proficiencies: Expert: Axes, Geography, Light Armor, Round Shields, Spears; Basic: Dual Weapons, Mobile Fighting, Moorish, Unarmed, Unarmored
Notable Feats: Great Fortitude
Maneuvers: Battle Leader’s Charge, Charging Minotaur, Punishing Stance (S), Rabid Wolf Strike, Steel Wind, Sudden Leap

0 miners *
Stigandr Fighter 3
Notable Proficiencies: Master: Geography, Laborer, Nature; Expert: Craftsman
Notable Feats: Skill Focus (Craft [Construction]), Skill Focus (Craft [Masonry])

9 sailors
Karl Rogue 4
Notable Proficiencies: Expert: Sailor, Unarmed; Basic: Craftsman, Fisher, Geography

7 soldiers
Huskarl Warblade 4
Notable Proficiencies: Master: Two-Handed Weapons; Expert: Light Armor, Projectile Weapons, Round Shields, Spears, Swords; Basic: Unarmed, Unarmored
Notable Feats: Great Fortitude
Maneuvers: Punishing Stance (S), Mountain Hammer, Steel Wind, Tactical Strike, Wall of Blades, Wolf Fang Strike

12 tribesmen *
Utlendr (Skræling) Rogue 4
Notable Proficiencies: Master: Geography, Medium Armor, Hide Armor, Spears; Expert: Craftsman, Fisher, Geography, Laborer, Light Armor

12 elders *
Utlendr (Skræling) Spirit Shaman 4
Notable Proficiencies: Master: History, Nature, Sagas; Expert: Priest, Retainer, Trader; Basic: Cloth Armor, Craftsman

0 fishers
Karl Rogue 4
Notable Proficiencies: Expert: Fisher, Unarmed; Basic: Craftsman, Nature, Laborer

6 thralls *
Utlendr (Moor) Rogue 2
Notable Proficiencies: Master: Moorish, Trader; Expert: Scribe, Steward; Basic: Craftsman, Geography, History, Norse, Priest, Sailor
Maneuvers: Blistering Flourish, Flame’s Blessing

8 children *
Utlendr (Skræling) Humanoid 1

7 warriors *
Utlendr (Skræling) Fighter 4
Notable Proficiencies: Master: Hide Armor, Medium Armor, Two-Handed Weapons; Expert: Geography, Light Armor, Mauls, Mobile Fighting, Spears, Thrown Weapons; Basic: Dual Weapons, Projectile Weapons
Fighting Styles: Spear-Throwing (Precise Shot, Rapid Shot), War Clubs (Great Cleave, Whirlwind Attack)

3 guides
Stigandr Rogue 4
Notable Proficiencies: Master: Geography, Nature, Trader; Expert: Fisher, Laborer, Swords; Basic: Light Armor, Round Shields
Rogue Abilities: Improved Evasion

Non-Human Members

42 goats

7 horses
12 selsqii *


  • The Gjafir Aegirir (“Aegir’s Gifts”, Karvi class, currently at outpost)
  • The Kofun Falki (“Diving Falcon”, Snekkja class, currently at settlement)

Sailed Home For The Winter

Named NPCs

Skofl Beorgsson *
Adult Male Stigandr Soldier 2/Factotum 3
Notable Proficiencies: Master: Steward; Expert: Axes, History, Round Shields, Retainer, Scribe
Position: Clan Kletterung mining overseer


  • Farmers: 18
  • Miners: 16
  • Fishers: 10

The Fallen


Died in a goblin ambush

Died charging into battle against the trolls

Ulfric Bravespear, Shield Against the Alfar
Died saving Kulgan’s life in a duel with the Alfar at the Spring Equinox

Named NPCs

Kjarval the Stout
Adult Male Huskarl Barbarian 5
Notable Proficiencies: Master: Axes, Mauls, Two-Handed Weapons, Unarmored; Expert: Hide Armor, Unarmed, Swords
Position: Former captain of the Swift Serpent
Died in a troll assault upon the settlement


  • Soldiers: 36
  • Raiders: 21
  • Laborers: 4
  • Sailors: 5
  • Craftsmen: 3
  • Farmers: 5


  • Horses: 5


Stokk Hofrungur (“Leaping Dolphin”, Karvi class)
Scuttled for supplies

Rask Slange (“Swift Serpent”, Snekkja class)
Scuttled for supplies

2 captured Moorish cargo ships (Unnamed, equivalent to Knarr class)
Scuttled for supplies

Studdi Vindur (“Favorable Wind”, Knarr class)
Scuttled for supplies

Clan Members

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