The barsarkr, or “wearer of the bear shirt,” channels the fury and power of beast spirits to slaughter his enemies. While anyone can give into madness and rage in combat, it is only those that master the rage instead of letting it master them who are respected as true warriors by the Norse.


Skill Groups: Acrobatics, Athletics, Perception
Proficiencies: Hide Armor, Unarmored, Nature, Sagas, Axes, Mauls, Two-Handed Weapons

The barbarian must use the Berserker Strength alternate class feature from PHB2 instead of the standard rage ability, and cannot take any further alternate class features that trade out Berserker Strength for a different form of rage.

Channel the Beast: At each barbarian level except 4th, 8th, and 12th, the barbarian gains one of the base abilities of his choice from the following list. Each may only be chosen once unless otherwise noted, and each applies only while under the effects of Berserker Strength.

Base Ability Improved Ability
Climb speed equal to half his land speed Climb speed equal to his land speed
Double the DR granted by Berserker Strength 1 Triple the DR granted by Berserker Strength
Energy Resistance to a single type 1, 2 Double the Energy Resistance
Evasion Improved Evasion
Frightful Presence 3 Double the radius and duration
Improved Grab Constrict
Land speed increases by +20 feet Land speed increases by another +20 feet
Low-Light Vision Darkvision 60 feet
Natural Weapon (Claw or Slam) Second natural weapon of the same type
Scent Blindsight 30 feet
Swim speed equal to half his land speed Swim speed equal to his land speed
Bonus feat 4 Another bonus feat
Tiger Claw maneuver or stance 5 Another Tiger Claw maneuver or stance

1 Includes any other DR/— that stacks with the DR granted by Berserker Strength.
2 The resistance granted is equal to the Damage Reduction granted by Berserker Strength.
3 The radius of Frightful Presence is 15 feet, the duration is 1 minute, and the DC is 10 + 1/2 class level + Constitution modifier.
4 He may choose any [Fighter] or [Weapon Style] feat or any feat that requires or enhances any form of Rage, and may ignore a single prerequisite except for a base attack bonus or initiator level prerequisite. This option may be chosen up to 3 times.
5 He has an initiator level equal to his barbarian level for these maneuvers and stances, but not any others he might learn, and ignores maneuver prerequisites. Maneuvers are recovered as a warblade when under Berserker Strength, or once per battle otherwise. This option may be chosen up to 3 times.

Starting at 4th level, these benefits apply at all times, even when the barbarian is not experiencing Berserker Strength. Starting at 8th level, each of the abilities chosen is upgraded to the improved version listed next to it in the table while under the effects of Berserker Strength (though the barbarian is still limited to the base versions otherwise).

Beast Hide: Starting at 3rd level, while wearing light or no armor the barbarian gains the following benefits, where N is equal to 1/3 his class level:

  • +N natural armor bonus to AC
  • +N enhancement bonus to Fortitude saves
  • +N insight bonus to all checks with skills in the Athletics or Discipline skill groups
  • DR N/—
  • Resistance N to all energy damage

This replaces the Trap Sense class feature.

Voluntary Berserking: At 6th level, as a swift action the barbarian can make a Concentration check to either activate his Berserker Strength when above the normal hit point threshold to activate the ability, or to end Berserker Strength prematurely while below the normal hit point threshold. The DC for this check is 15, plus +5 per previous time he has activated Berserker Strength (voluntarily or involuntarily) since his last rest; he gains a cumulative +2 bonus to the check for each previous failed attempt to voluntarily activate or deactivate Berserker Strength in the same encounter.

Bottomless Fury: At 9th level, the barbarian chooses one form of rage from the following list:

Whenever he is under the effects of Berserker Strength, the barbarian may choose to gain the benefits and drawbacks of the chosen form of rage instead of the normal Berserker Strength benefits and drawbacks, and may switch between the two as a swift action.

Additionally, as a swift action he may make a Voluntary Berserking check to gain the effects of that form of rage in addition to (not instead of) the Berserker Strength benefits, and maintain them for a number of rounds equal to the number of points by which his check result beat the DC. Using this ability increases later Voluntary Berserking DCs as if it were an activation of Berserker Strength.

Unstoppable Fury: At 12th level, the barbarian can voluntarily activate or deactivate his Berserker Strength as a free or immediate action while his hit points are between 5×barbarian level and 9×barbarian level, with no Voluntary Berserking check required and without increasing the DC for later checks. Additionally, he learns a second form of rage for Bottomless Fury and can activate both of them with the same check if desired.

Finally, while under the effects of Berserker Strength he may reroll any attack roll, skill check based on a physical ability score, or saving throw as an immediate action after learning whether the roll would have succeeded or failed.


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