True Believer Benefit – Enduring Faith: You increase the duration of any noninstantaneous godly spell you cast or active sphere power you use by +3 rounds.

Balder, the Pure
Balder is the patron of the innocent and those who show compassion to all. He teaches that, just as he died at Hodr’s hands and is destined to die and be reborn at Ragnarok, one must see in every tragedy a chance for renewal and new opportunity.
Spheres: Beguiling Appearance, Pure Heart
True Believer Benefit – Purity of Spirit: You gain spell resistance equal to 10 + class level.

Forseti, the Just
Forseti is the patron of the righteous and those who protect the weak, and is a favored patron of many jarls. He teaches that, just as Forseti has remained neutral in every dispute among the Æsir and between the Æsir and the Vanir, one must remain detached and impartial in all things in order to find the clearest path to right action.
Spheres: Honorable Combat, Solemn Judgment
True Believer Benefit – Defender of All: You grant a +3 sacred bonus to AC to all allies within 60 feet as long as you are conscious, and all enemies who attack any protected allies are made aware of this protection and know that you are the source of it.

Odin, the Wise
Odin is the patron of the wise and those who follow the pursuit of knowledge, and is a favored patron of many þulrs. He teaches that, just as he had to sacrifice himself on Yggdrasil for the runes and sacrifice his eye to drink from Mimir, one must always be prepared to suffer greatly to achieve anything worthwhile in life.
Spheres: Deep Knowing, Lifegiving Breath
True Believer Benefit – Weaver of Wyrd: You reroll all natural 1s on saving throws

Thor, the Thunderer
Thor is the patron of the strong and those who rely only on themselves, and is a favored patron of many huscarls. He teaches that, just as he continually tests himself against Sif and his chosen einherjar endlessly train for Ragnarok, one must never stop improving oneself and a man’s true measure is in how he faces adversity.
Spheres: Rushing Winds, Smiting Storm
True Believer Benefit – Wearer of Megingjörð: You gain +2 Strength.

Tyr, the Warrior
Tyr is the patron of the courageous and those who place others above themselves. He teaches that, just as he gave up his right hand to bind Fenrir for the good of all and is destined to fall in Ragnarok after ensuring the survival of humanity, one must not seek glory for oneself and must instead place the good of one’s clan and people above one’s own benefit.
Spheres: Master Tactician, War Leader
True Believer Benefit – Master of Arms: You gain knowledge of one Iron Heart or White Raven maneuver of a level equal to or lower than the maximum level of godly spell you can cast; each time you gain access to a new godly spell level, you may trade out this maneuver for a different one.

Viðar, the Silent
Vidar is the patron of the cunning and those who keep to their word. He teaches that, just as he is destined to avenge the death of Odin in Ragnarok and has sworn various ritual vows of silence, one must honor one’s promises and obligations at any cost for the betterment of oneself and one’s clan.
Spheres: Killer’s Blade, Night’s Veil
True Believer Benefit – Slayer of Monsters: You treat creatures’ wound thresholds as being 3 points lower when making called shots.


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