Saga of the Northlands

Session 5: A Nocturnal Troll Ambush

In Which Trolls Exhibit Surprising Discipline And Coordination

The people who have been farming in the new settlement have been complaining of strange dreams. Since the settlers have been so focused on constructing the walls and longhouses, they are low on provisions. So directions are given to focus more on food production.

Eirliff, Kulgan, and Asa head off to the magical pond. Along the way, they hear some bellowing in the distance. It seems to be coming from the northeast of where they are, about a quarter mile away. They attempt to sneak over toward it, but not very quietly. As they get nearer, the bellowing stops. They get to a clearing, where a huge mammoth and its baby are standing. They decide to slowly back away from the monstrous beast. Once they are out of sight, the mammoth resumes its bellowing. They look for tracks in the area but only find the two sets of mammoth tracks. Apparently, they got separated from their herd and are looking for them.

They continue onto the lake and reach it an hour or so later. Eirliff fries a nearby rabbit with Fiery Burst to use as an offering for the spirit. They tell the spirit that they bring are newcomers and hope to include them in the friendship with this spirit. It informs them that the newcomers themselves must prepare the sacrifice. Kulgan asks the spirit about the farmers’ strange dreams. It thinks there might some connection with the Alfar, as it is getting close to the time of year for the change of power from winter to summer among them. But the spirit can’t tell them where that transfer of power takes place. They later return to the settlement.

Meanwhile, Ulfric and Draenger take the farmers off to the nearby river. While Ulfric fishes, Draenger talks to the farmers about their strange dreams. He gets the impression that the spirits are telling them that it’s not yet time to plant. And it also seems that whatever the spirits were talking about is going to happen in the meadow where the settlement is situated. They decide to leave off from farming and instead send a few farmers out to look for other arable land to farm.

In the middle of that night at the settlement, Ulfric is rudely awakened by the feeling of hands around his throat. He sees two small orange eyes. He yells out and starts fighting the creature sitting on his chest. Asa and Eirliff wake up and also see small creatures sitting on them. They all manage to knock the creatures off. Finally, Kulgan and Draenger awake to find creatures on them as well. The little creatures all have small orange eyes and mouths full of sharp teeth. Asa hacks at his with his axe, splitting it in half. Eirliff’s Fiery Burst lights up the night, and he recognizes that they are goblins. Ulfric impales his goblin on the end of his spear, killing it. Kulgan kills his with a single swipe of his axe. The remaining three goblins’ morale breaks, and they attempt to flee, provoking attacks from the party. Two get killed, but the third makes it out of the tent. Draenger pursues but sees a number of other goblins in the encampment. He yells for the party to come out and help with the goblins while he runs toward the nearest one and kills it.

The rest of the party exits the tent and starts slaughtering the monsters. But more goblins start swarming in. Skogur gets back up against the tent and grappled by some goblins. Then they hear some loud drumming coming from one side of the encampment. That is apparently a bad thing, because the goblins start grinning. The battle starts going mildly better for the party, although a couple have gotten poisoned by the goblin bites. The drumming starts to get louder. Unfortunately, Draenger gets killed by a goblin late in the fight. At that point, the last remaining goblin’s morale breaks and he runs. Asa runs him down and hits him, and Skogur shoots it with an arrow. Asa continues and kills it. The drumming, however, continues.

The party takes time to put on their armor and heal up. They then go check out the neighboring tents. In the first one, they see a bunch of goblins killing the occupants. It’s completely and eerily silent. Eirliff kills one goblin with a Fiery Burst. The party moves in to finish them off. Meanwhile, Skogur sneaks off to find the source of the drumming.

In the meantime, Skogur finds a lone goblin outside the settlement banging on a drum. He looks a bit higher-class than the other goblins. Next to him is an ettin. Skogur backs up closer to the encampment and looses an arrow, hitting the goblin, who just continues drumming after a brief interruption. The ettin starts moving toward him, then Skogur kills the goblin with another arrow. The goblin attackers now seem a lot easier to defeat.

After the battle, they find that the guards posted around the encampment were all asleep. Some enchantment, perhaps? Skogur returns with the gobin drum. He doesn’t tell the party about the nice cloak he found on the goblin, though. He had stuffed that into his backpack. Eirliff takes a preliminary look at the drum and finds runes carved into it—enchanted!

The party harvests poison glands and claws from the goblins. They also look into making goblin jerky to help offset their lack of food.

(Everyone levels up!)



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