Saga of the Northlands

Session 1: The Skjolsung Saga Begins

In Which The Expedition Reaches The New World

The expedition begins! The large group from clan Skjolsung boards their three longboats, leaving Iceland with the western coast of Greenland as their goal. On the first day, the winds carry them into a part of the sea full of ice floes. On the floes are a bunch of walruses. The three boats face a number of challenges getting through the floes: moving and crumbling ice floes, walruses getting in the way, rowers tiring, and narrow passes through the floes. One of their boats, The Swift Wind, scrapes against two floes, breaking all the oars on one side against one and breaching the hull against another. Otherwise, the three boats survive and are able to continue along their way.

The following three days pass uneventfully while the party makes good use of the downtime, some of them working on their skills and proficiencies to help them when they get to their new settlement.

On the fourth day, some of the party notice some creature(s) in the water alongside The Swift Wind. It’s a sea serpent! It leaps out of the water and attacks. The passengers counterattack while the serpent encircles the ship. Kulgadi the runirblað (one of the jarls) gives the serpent a mighty wound with his Blade of Blood and Ulfric the bardagamaður hacks it with his axe. Skogul the skald uses her music to inspire courage in the defenders. The goði Asa Ericson (also a jarl) nearly kills the serpent, but his attack sends it into spasms that damage the boat and smack some of the people around.

After the four days, the expedition finally sees land not covered with ice where they could possibly land their vessels has to decide where would be best to establish a settlement.



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